A leading Management Consulting and Digital firm based in Dubai and with operations in Africa is set to host the 3rd edition of Meet the Farmers’ Conference (MTFC) on the 27th and 28th of November in Dubai. This is a one of it’s kind Agro-trade and networking conference in Dubai whose aim is to connect large scale agro commodity producers and marketers to buyers. Stakeholders from Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which includes UAE,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman will come together during the 2- day event to network, collaborate and form sustainable partnerships across borders.

African farmers, participants, exhibitors and delegates will be able to leverage the business opportunities available to them in Dubai and other GCC countries. The participants will also gain insights into a wide range of topics such as agro commodity trading in Dubai and GCC, import and exports requirements, laws and policies, financing, shipping and insurance etc.

Why Dubai

Every year the UAE imports 80% of its food which is estimated to be over $110 billion that is projected to grow to $ 400 billion in the next six years. Of this 30% is consumed locally while 70% is re-exported to other GCC countries. Using Dubai as a hub, the GCC will now be able to enjoy the wide variety of rich crops from African region, create an avenue to share knowledge and new technology and expose more people to its tourism and business opportunities. For African countries, it will attract foreign direct investment and contribute to its goal of economic prosperity. It will also expose traders to the Free Trade Zones in Dubai, improve bilateral trade and raise quality of production to world standards.

Dubai is known to be a world business hub with Free Trade Zone Opportunities, excellent infrastructure network, favorable logistics and ease of doing business. It will also host Expo 2020 of which 133 countries have confirmed attendance and participation so far.


The 1st Meet the Farmers’ Conference was held in Dubai in 2017 and was moderated by H.E. Juma Al Kait, the undersecretary to the Ministry of Economy, Dubai. In 2018, the second edition of MTFC themed ‘The Future of Agribusiness’ was centered on the entire Agribusiness value chain and had media launch or sensitization events in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Nigeria before the main event in Dubai.

MTFC 2019

This year’s MTFC will feature media events in 13 African countries viz Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Uganda,Ghana, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Angola, Rwanda, DRC, Tanzania, Angola and other GCC countries before the main one in Dubai. The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Creating a Sustainable Future’ and is anchored on the vision to sustain Agriculture and food production by facilitating trade and promoting technology use in agriculture. Just like in 2018, MTFC, Crenov8, will also be looking to support Agri Technology Entrepreneurship in Africa through the Innov8Agric Challenge, a competition that looks to promote innovative enterprises that focus on Agriculture. Regional winners will get assistance on improving business operations while providing a platform to showcase their ideas and battle for the $ 5,000 grand prize.

This is a perfect opportunity for African farmers, exporters and marketers to network, liaise and build long lasting trade partnerships and exploit the huge opportunities that lie in Dubai and other GCC countries.


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