Healthy Eating is not Necessarily Expensive

We all desire to live a long and disease free life while on contrary eating healthy is still a mirage to most of us. Living and eating healthy is the best lifestyle we can choose. Take a look at your neighbourhood what foods are available and visit your vegetable vendor see what is available.

Every time you eat and drink you are either feeding or fighting a disease. But how do we fight these diseases? The best healthy foods are within our reach but we fail to utilise them. Sweet potatoes, thorn melons, indigenous vegetables, apples, legumes, peaches, pepino to mention are within our markets at affordable prices. Beef, alcohol and processed foods should be avoided at all costs. It’s regrettable that most of us spend so much on these items and cannot spare half of this budget on fruits and vegetables. It’s time for change let’s stop eating modern, living modern and feeding ourselves with diseases. For those working on reducing weight, research shows that nutrition is more effective than exercising by far.

Good nutrition is affordable and available. Let us make use of our indigenous traditional vegetables since they contain all the minerals and vitamins that our bodies need. We own our health and therefore let’s love ourselves enough to feed the right meals. It’s also recommended that one takes at least two litres of water per day. This enhances digestion, flushes away carcinogens and ensures a healthy skin. Do not wait until your nutritionist sets a diet plan or a doctor diagnoses you with a problem while you have the powers to enjoy a cancer, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases free life.

Julie is a registered nutritionist and for more tips on healthy living, visit her Facebook page Julie’s Nutrition Consultancy.

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